Youth Services

Positive Spin hosts other support groups that empower participants, including, Girls & Boys Activities Clubs, Neighborhood Improvement, Leadership Training, Women’s Support Group and Training Resources. For more information on Positive Spin programs please see below or  contact us.

Programs/services offered:

  • Girls and Boys Activity Club
  • Promotion of academic excellence
  • Camping trips
  • Character building sessions
  • Neighborhood clean up
  • Sports and recreation
  • Leadership development
  • Cultural trips

Our services include:

  • School Advocacy
  • Housing assistance
  • Counseling referrals
  • Help in navigating formal systems
  • Help in obtaining furniture
  • Child safety
  • Medical or Health Care referrals
  • Assistance in obtaining education, training and job placement
  • Limited transportation assistance with emergency appointments
  • Family counseling
  • School advocacy
  • Housing assistance
  • Child care support
  • Training and job placement assistance, emergency food and utility assistance, furniture and clothing and transportation.

Contact Positive Spin (Positive Support for Parents in Neighborhoods) today for more information.