“They helped me to not be on the streets. I couldn’t stay in my apartment because the mold was making my son sick. They helped with the landlord, the water damages and ultimately in moving my family to a much better place.”

“They helped to bring my family together and for me to be a better mother. They helped me with my self-esteem, and even came with me to a job fair. I was a nervous wreck but they showed me how to talk and present myself. I’m a different person because of Positive SPIN. Other programs just look at you and don’t help. From my heart I give my thanks.”

“The family team conference gave me the tools that I needed to rebuild.”

“The class about strengths and goals for family structure and foundation was remarkable. At first I thought some of the techniques were overprotective, but I’ve been adapting them more and placing more things in the open with my family.”

“It was a very good experience, it was fun. They gave a luncheon for my children and me. The people were really nice, went down one by one with each goal. I fulfilled all the goals, it taught me how to be successful and have goals.”

“The staff referred me to a work agency and assisted with food, clothing and my children’s school situation. They were there for everything from problems with my kid’s teachers to providing counseling.”

“Everyone was helpful; they also gave me and my family a Thanksgiving basket. They are doing a great job with the services they offer. Thank you for being there in my time of need and keep helping those that need it.”